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When should I start Looking? 

As soon as you are engaged! With the intention of ordering 9-12 months out.

This allows time for the gown to be made (some designers take 7 months!) and

also time for any alterations to be made to the gown once it arrives in store.  

What should I wear to the appointment? 

Wearing a good fitting, strapless bra and flesh toned underwear is always best, 

but not compulsory. We also recommend keeping makeup and spray tan to a 

minimum as this can get all over the gowns. 

What should I bring? 

Come with some ideas of gowns you have seen in Bridal Mags that you love. With 

over 300 gowns in store, this is a great starting point for your consultant to get a feel

for the style of gowns you seem to be attracted to, even if this doesn't end up being 

your final choice. It's best to have an open mind with your consultant. 

Who should I bring with me? 

Think about only bringing people who's opinions you trust. A decision maker if you will.

Such as your mum, sister or maid of honour. It is best to limit the number of people

you bring along, as while it can be a lovely day out, it can often lead to conflicting views

and end up leaving you confused. After all, it is your decision in the end! 

What can I expect from my Appointment? 

We allocate 1 Hour for your appointment. During this time, your consultant will take you 

through our collections, discuss at length the style you are after, and help you choose which 

four gowns you'd like to try on to start with. Having both ready to wear lines, as well as couture, 

you have the ability to alter some styles, and mix & match elements of gowns that you love. 

You consultant will offer you an honest opinion at all times about which styles suit you and your

shape best. They will guide you to which gowns flatter your figure best, but they will never overtake

your style or decision. When trying on the dresses, it's best not to get caught up in the sizes of the 

gowns. Just focus on the fit. What size you are, in mainstream stores, may not be your size in 

bridal wear. 

How much can I expect to spend? 

We can cater to most budgets in store, with so many designer gowns to choose from. 

You can expect to pay anything between $2,200 to $6,300 for your designer gown, depending on your

requirements, and the designer you choose. This is approximate, but the majority of the gowns in store fall

around $3,000 price point.

There are also lots of gowns below and above this as well.

In our Sale Section, gowns start at $1,200 and go to $3,150.

It all comes down to personal style, taste, design, quality & fit.